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Farewell Jekyll, Hello Hugo

If you have visited my website in the past few weeks you might have notices a few things. First of all it looks different. Second, it is now served over HTTPS which is possible because I moved away from GitHub Pages and back to self-hosting my website. Third, and possible most important, I also moved away from Jekyll after using it for three years. This very site you read right now is build with Hugo, a static site generator build by Steve Francia, Bjørn Erik Pedersen and a lot of contributors. ...Continue reading

Latest Projects


Executable around the Go HTTP Server. Used to serve static files from a directory. Install Install Go. Clone the repo git clone Run go build goserve.go from within the new directory. If you would like to run the program from everywhere, link it into you $PATH variable, e.g.: $ sudo ln -s $(pwd)/goserve /usr/local/bin Usage goserve can be used from the command line as follows: ...Continue reading


LinedUp is an app/website I build to get into Node.js, MongoDB and ExpressJS. It’s a collection of concerts I’ve been to that I’m aiming to update so it soon holds all concerts I’ve ever been to. Getting together all information is quite a task. Live Demo Stack LinedUp is written in Node.js - the underlying Server is Express. The database I used is MongoDB which I enjoy working with so far. ...Continue reading


vhost is a command line utility for creating new Virtual Hosts for the Apache Server. It was build out of laziness. Currently the script supports creating files for the Apache Web Server. Nginx support is on the roadmap but due to my lack of Nginx knowledge currently far away. NOTE: vhost has only been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 running Apache 2.4.7! On other Linux Distributions most used programms (rm, cp, sed, sudo) should be available. ...Continue reading