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Speed up your Jekyll workflow

Lately I had a hard time working with my own website. Whenever I wanted to make some updates, write a post or fix a little buggy thing it only took a few minutes of “work” to get me really frustrated. Jekyll, despite my love for it, has become horribly slow. My site, which I consider rather “simple”, took 17-20 seconds to build on every change! Changing the CSS? Rebuild entire site. Changed one character in a JavaScript file? Rebuild entire site. Update one article? Rebuild entire site - this is frustrating and unecessary! Luckily, I just found a perfect solution.

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Lately I build:


vhost is a command line utillity to create new Apache Virtual Hosts, add them to the /etc/hosts/ file and create a dummy Document Root under /var/www/html/. It's written in bash and comes with a template.

See vhost on GitHub


viewSwitcher is a dependency free, isolated module to handle different "views" and very basic "routing" through URL hashes.

See viewSwitcher.js on GitHub

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I used to take photos.


When I was 15 or so I started getting interested in Photography and shortly even worked as one for smaller events and concerts/bands. These days I am mostly sharing photos on EyeEm or Instagram. Some of my EyeEm photographs are for sale on Getty Images.

Older photos as well as a few newer can be found on my Flickr page.